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Oh Granger :)

I did not want you to feel sad. I know those were not the words you were saying to me. I suppose my mind plays tricks with words and that was the trick and it was funny to me. So I shared it with you, but not ver well. No, I in now way thought you were saying I was a gold digger. I was joking about digging out gold in Josf.

You are right my friend, the church and the boy's family failed him as well as society. But he also made choices. When he stole the church offferings the church did not press charges. The church allowed him to pay the money back, several hundred dollars, no questions asked. His father was livid that people would accuse his son...but when the video recorder played, it was undeniable. The boy has had opportunity after opportunity and continues to choose wrong. I don't think he is a drug addict. When his mom asked my husband whether she should go back to work during his teen years my husband advised here that this was the time when her son needed her the most even though he was more self sufficient. It is a very sad story. He even denied stealing from his neighbors, but the prints in the snow told the truth. He is not very smart about his crimes. I agree though that the church, me, I, didn't do enough to help. I could have perhaps made a difference by taking him into my home during his mother's working hours and spending time with him and helping him to develop correct life choices. But I am too busy with my own life...

I heard Rand’s name this morning on a talk radio. It was in context with Marco Rubio being the choice of the mainstream (those were not the words, but I cannot think of them right now, kind of like the meaning of the mainstream political machine) but that Rand Paul was making a name for himself!!!

I agree that there are people here who hate the GOP. I think there are a lot of forces at work including those who will only vote Libertarian. Some of it is confusing to me.

Your words:

“I thought the reason we were getting into the GOP was to replace the criminals and work to build a party based on integrity, the golden rule, conservative values as outlined in Ron Paul's books.”

Are correct, and if we would all just do that it would make a difference. Thank you, Granger, for making a difference. You are an inspiration to me. We are so busy chasing kids to basketball games…6 games in one week…that I do not dare think about trying to join something else. I am sure that is a big part of the problem. We trade basketball for 3rd and 5th graders for the future of our country. Talking about traitors, the finger points at me.