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Ron Paul's campaign web page in now gone

In 07, when I decided to campaign for Ron Paul, I had three elections under my belt working with Nader to open debates and ballot access. I was a Libertarian, fed up with the LP powers that repeatedly nominated Republicans (and that includes Ron Paul, who only became a Libertarian for 6 months to accept our nomination).

Nader convinced me to register Decline to State Party/ Indy)

There was NO WAY I was going to join the GOP. I worked very hard lobbying Ron Paul, and Kent Snyder, to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GO INDY.

I spent time, money, and gas going from my home, to San Fran, to Reno, to all points inbetween. I KNEW, IF Ron Paul would only do it MY WAY, GO INDY.. I had connections all over the USA from working with Nader.. connections to 36 third parties. Indy was the fastest growing voter registration. HOW EXCITING if Ron Paul would just do it MY WAY.

His campaign tossed me under the bus. I was told, JOIN THE GOP or move on. I got into a huge fight with Jeff Greenspan that even came here on DP. Kent Snyder told me personally at a Luncheon for Ron Paul, "Join the GOP and become a delegate. That is THE mission, so get with it or, do what YOU want."

I voted for Nader a forth time (after all, he was very dissappointed that I went for Ron paul rather than lead volunteers for him, around the USA in petition drives).

So when Ron Paul put his bid to run for president 2012, I joined the GOP, because I KNEW, he was not going to do it MY way and go Indy.

What a HUGE difference that made. The campaign was there for me 100%. Phone calls, emails, I joined my GOP committee, as I was asked, was made district team leader, and a national delegate, chosen by Ron Paul's campaign.

If you think that I am so brilliant that I came up with the idea to join the GOP and work from inside the party, THANK YOU. I am not as brilliant as Ron or Rand Paul, and am grateful for them both, as one taught and gave me conservatives values I could respect adn appreciate, and the other is teaching me how to materialize that in the party Ron Paul was a lifetime member.