Comment: Rand = Strategizing (Duh.)

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Rand = Strategizing (Duh.)

(Even if you're not talking about Rand, I'm saying this.)

Do you know how stupid most Congressmen are? There are some exceptions, don't get me wrong.

Last week, we had the displeasure of sharing air with Pete Sessions. He ended his "justification speech" by saying something along the lines of 'don't believe the immigration talk, it's all about giving Muslims Constitutional protection' (nevermind any Muslims in the room...we were at a church for our GOP meeting, ugh.)

Seriously, Rand is tricking them. It's that easy. Yes, yes it is. Pete Sessions didn't answer one question, he praised himself for rallying the GOP troops under the table on the GOP tour de America last election cycle.

Then, he scared all the old people and left. People probably think I'm a neocon, too since I'm at a County GOP meeting held in a church listening to Pete Sessions. I'd say, use some litmus questions before writing someone off.