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Comment: Depends on what you mean

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Depends on what you mean

I hope you don't mean they became neocons because they are working within the GOP?

Certainly if they decided to adopt the neocon policies, they have 'become neocons' in philosophy but I doubt very much this is true. If anything I see people becoming more in tune with the constitutional positions of Ron Paul, such as on the illegal wars... that is why NH went from 8% to 24% -- massive education that was done during the 2007-2012 rise of the tea party that the Paul supporters started.

I will make one observation and that is, they have matured since 2008 when they would not work at all in the proper ways within the party to help Ron get elected... but in 2012 they did a great job.

The two party system is not perfect, but as you've seen how third parties are excluded, sometimes you just have to go within and change things.

Others who don't want to do that might stay out in the periphery, but at least they are now engaged and interacting so as to educate the most number of people.

It may not happen in my lifetime but I now have some hope that the youth are understanding where our country went wrong and what they have to do to gain back the freedom the founders sought when they established the government here.

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