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Not Convinced...

Before I begin, please know that I still find some very suspect issues surrounding Sandy Hook, however, this is not one of them. I say this based on the following...

I am currently a title searcher (in CT) and simple by checking the Newtown Assessor (has a link to Vision Appraisal for assessments) and Town Clerk (has a link CT Town Clerks Land Records), I am able to see that this information is not convincing. I suggest others check it out for themselves.

With that said, here are the links to the two sites where information can be retrieved (granted, as a visitor, one cannot look at the documents in the Land Records, but can plainly see the type of doc, parties of the doc, and the date filed):

In selecting 3 random addresses that are linked from the referenced article, I found the following:

6 Great Ring Road - Lewis, Scarlett M. (owner)
Sale date inaccurate on Vision Appraisal (says 2009)
Book/Page 0589/0899 correct
*Warranty Deed (WD) from Andrew S. and Barbara A. Ross to Scarlett M. Lewis filed 8/17/98 at 589/899 (book/page) of the land records.
*1st and 2nd mortgages (mtg) to Ridgefield Bank filed 8/17/98 at 589/901 and 589/908.
*Release (rel) for refinance (refi) of 2nd mtg filed 6/23/00 at 640/346.
*refi 2nd mtg to First Union National Bank filed 6/29/00 at 640/986.
*rel for refi of 1st mtg from 1998 filed 4/7/03 at 756/1185.
*refi 1st mtg to Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Inc filed 4/11/03 at 757/944.
*subordination (sub) of 2nd mtg to Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Inc filed 7/9/03 at 772/889.
*rel of 2nd mtg filed 12/22/06 at 894/599.
*refi 1st mtg to MERS filed 5/14/09 at 946/528
*rel for refi of 1st mtg filed 6/22/09 at 949/634.

Very common for people to refinance over the years.

41 Berkshire Road - Richman, Jeremy and Hensel, Jennifer (owners)
Date and Book/Page accurate on Vision Appraisal
*WD from Mayjane Wheble and Marina R. Moscovici to Jeremy Richman and Jennifer Hensel filed 4/21/11 at 987/11.
*1st mtg to MERS filed 4/21/11 at 987/14.

Nothing strange at all here.

5 Sweetbriar Lane - Rekos, Richard S. and Krista A. (owners)
Date and Book/Page accurate on Vision Appraisal
*WD from David C. Miles and Joan M. Miles AKA Joan J. Miles to Richard S. and Krista A. Rekos filed 6/23/10 at 968/248.
*1st mtg to Newtown Savings Bank filed 6/23/10 at 968/250.
*rel of mtg filed 12/8/10 at 978/1094.

So, nothing odd here unless one wonders how they paid off their mtg in 6 months. Well, there could be all sorts of explanations, inheritance, only borrowed until previously owned house in different town sold (no record of owning property in Newtown prior to current property), employer paid for new home to entice employment, etc.

One last search I did was the Lanza property...I am not going to go into all the details like the previous searches. I'll just say there is nothing unusual from 1998 (when Peter J. and Nancy J. Lanza bought the property from Robert J. Riebe) through 2011 when Peter J. Lanza Quit Claimed (transferred his part of ownership) to Nancy J. Lanza. There was the typical mortgages and releases associated with home ownership.

Conclusion: Check this stuff out for yourself.