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Not hardly

If your beliefs are how you run your (implied) business, then it really should go away. I want no part of a society where people run from competition just because they're liable for their errors.

I'm not only promoting this but I'm putting it into practice in my newest startup. I wasn't aware enough of the whole situation when I had my last business but I can assure you that when I finally stood up to the control the banks held over us, that was lesson one for me.

You make all these claims that no one but you has ran a business or managed people or fought the investment system. Sorry to burst your bubble but I've done all those plus more: patented things, designed brand new devices, changed the way power plants operate, reorganized departments and many more things. Wanna compare investment caps? ...cuz my daddy's bigger than yours! Fortunately for you, none of that has any bearing on this discussion. This is about finding what it morally right in business and then finding a way to implement the result.

Please give me one scenario where a business should be allowed to justify a government granted limit or cap on it's liability or risk. For every one I can think you may suggest, I can give you a free market solution that offers increased profit to all involved (including customers and workers - remember them?) with fair risk applied. That or I'll show why that business is most likely a parasite on society. Your choice.