Comment: Do you know anyone that currently grows?

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Do you know anyone that currently grows?

I do and you did not account for the nutrients, equipment (although most equipment costs are only initial), and labor (unless you do it yourself).

You know how much a 1-liter bottle of one of these nutrients costs? $90-$120. And a 1-liter only lasts what, the first phase and a half of growing?

Places like WA want to tax every phase of the grow, ON TOP of when you sell your harvest. They are taxing this stuff to death not even a year into the program.

I think an ounce should cost around $100. Right now, in WA, it costs around $200-$250 for an ounce of the best (White Widow, Northern Lights, Blue Dream, G-13).

What we really need to talk about is HEMP production, people! If we really want to do something to advance this Liberty movement, HEMP is the key.

You want to get a Country out of debt? My solution is to have government incentives for people to start hemp production. There are too many uses for us not to use hemp and we have SO MUCH land that the Feds want to claim as their own! We all know what they do with "Federal protected lands." They sell it to the Chinese! Ask Fishy...

Gasoline dependence, deforestation, GMO-filled foods; all gone and replaced by hemp. Food supplements, medication derived from hemp/cannabis, soil restoration, less CO2 emissions, and on and on and on. Thousands of new businesses Nation-wide = 10's of thousands of new jobs. Possibly more.

Hemp, imo, truly is one of the answers.

Lima-1, out.

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