Comment: well not everyone believes

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well not everyone believes

that only the US has bad guys in it. sometimes there are bad people and bad policies and every now and then it may actually be from disliking our freedom (I know sounds weird to even say it). But, yes, for 99% of the time a lot is from blowback in our meddling and funding and intervening in all of the affairs of other nations. Or trying to dominate resources or "guide" a nation's political direction etc. But, maybe some here are not hardcore RP people yet. Did you consider that? Maybe they need to learn and come to the conclusions that many of us have as perhaps you yourself did at one time. patience and resolve and facts and education can be the best weapon for changing that. This is why Ron Paul is amazing to me he stood his ground and didn't become an a-hole (for the most part) over the course of decades. Just educating and learning and educating and preaching and advising and warning and educating. Slowly but surely we all got there.

Also, it adds some good dialouge to the mix as opposed to the one sidedness that we can see here. I would rather be one to have an in depth discussion with someone whom I have a differnce of opinion or belief on than simply blast them and label them a bloodthirsty neocon. neither side actually feeling like anything was accomplished.

btw - why do we call left leaning individuals neocons...shouldn't they be something like neolibs?