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I think it's incredibly naive

I think it's incredibly naive to think we are ever going back to local business and mom and pop diners. With the internet and all the abilities it lends you for buying and selling and setting up and controlling business miles and miles away if you want. Especially if there is a freer market, competition will not limit itself to local business.

My main question is what reconfiguring does a corporation have to do when you strip them of personhood and state priveleges? Or do you force them to dissolve? Are they taxed as any sole prop or partnership then, or like an individual? Can they just purchase insurance to cover any liabilities beyond the companies assets?
I just don't think they just all up and leave and we return to Mayberry, so I'm interested in seeing what you think the changes you want would result in.

This all made me think of something else as well. If a corporation is a person, and has all the rights of a person, how can we OWN another person? Isn't that slavery? Isn't it illegal to buy and sell people?