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I disagree

"So, right now it looks like Rand Paul is our best hope."

He is not our best hope, he is your best hope. And I wish you luck with him.

"His time has not yet come"

Ok, but I think he is worth promoting anyways. And maybe his time is right now and we will never even know if we don't try. The idea of "who CAN win" and who is "ready" is irrelevant to me, it seems that those ideas dictate elections in this country and I am really not interested in what should be, based on what currently is.

You're right, the judge does not seem interested in running so I suppose campaigning for him would be a fruitless uphill battle (I did say my plan might have flaws). I'm OK with that. You want him in congress in NJ? Work for it and good luck to you. I want him to be President, it looks like we both stand the chance of failing. Failure happens.

I'm very confused as to why people are throwing their support behind Rand already. You're the one who says "right now" it looks like he is our best hope. Right now is 4 years off... why do you feel the need to support him right now? I only feel the need to throw my support behind someone else at this exact moment in time because I feel that if the Rand people are already starting commit themselves to him, I should probably come up with a plan also.

I think rp4pres has a good point in waiting patiently, and that was what I originally intended on doing. However, it seems to me that the Rand people cannot wait patiently and have already tied themselves down. Now, why is that?