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Comment: I have ADD, not so afraid of medicine

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I have ADD, not so afraid of medicine

I'll be honest, I am either too lazy or too ADD to give these 'all-natural' diet-based 'cures' a chance. I work as a software engineer, and couldn't risk an impaired performance trying some of these approaches.

I took adderall throughout high school and college. And switched to focalin recently at work. (Both are forms of dextroamphetimines)

Stratterra never worked for me. It gave me mood swings, I found myself yelling at my parents for the silliest things. It made me sick, and I often just felt weird and 'not myself'.

Early on I felt an aversion to taking adderall because I felt it changed my personality. After going off straterra I realized adderrall didn't effect my personality, it just helped my focus more.

There is nothing wrong with trying different medicines to see what works for you. I personally don't prescribe to the 'ADHD is just a myth perpetrated by big pharma' theory. ADD is something I struggle with every day. That said, I find that a good diet and exercise can increase my concentration, which means I can get by on a lower dose of my medication, but have not eliminated it entirely.

I don't assume to have all the answers for you, but I hope my personal experience will help you in your personal decision making

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