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lol upvoted

I actually up voted. But I only agree partially and don't hold any animosity. People are entitled to their opinions and am happy to read them (on the DP) even if I disagree. They just better not complain about my response.

There have been quite a few Ted Cruz nut huggers on here...Cruz is a damn neocon, sorry. He is not part of the Liberty movement. Israel (specifically zionists) is NOT my friend, or the friend of almost all Americans. The neocons are no better then Feinstein and Bloomberg. Who are both pro Zionists raping us. I don't understand why the neocons and evangelicals even bother with Israel as they hate Jesus. They even have TV ads that make fun of Jesus over there. YOUTUBE IT!!! Zionists are making the rest of the Jewish people look bad. Zionists are nothing more then leaches, and have done nothing for us other then take our money. Anyone who supports this and supports sending our brothers and sisters to die for a country that doesn't give a damn about us, can go to hell.

And then there are the apologists for Rand's neocon vote on Iranian sanctions.....I wouldn't call them neocons though. If Rand would come out and say hey that was a mistake or at least say hey I had to vote that way so I could get more support on audit the fed. I would still disagree but I could personally look passed that and probably once again support him. But every time I hear him talk about that vote, it's like he's proud of that vote. Granted most of the time he does talk about it, he is talking to neocons so I am sure he wants those people to think he is a neocon also. Then there is the "attack on Israel comment is an attack on the US" comment....face palm...For right now, neocon talking Rand does not have my full support. I will support his individual bills that are good, but I cannot say that I like the way he is going.

I am hoping that if and when Rand wins the Republican nomination in 2016 and he's locked in to the point where neocons are forced to vote for him unless they want another Obama type, that he changes his rhetoric back to being more Libertarian. We shall see. There is no question he is better then all the rest of the senators. He is certainly better then that Warmonger Rubio. But principals are more important then politics and someone has to start breaking these chains of continued bs.

Hey down vote my comment if you want. Doesn't change the truth.