Comment: I am glad you have not tied yourself down yet

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I am glad you have not tied yourself down yet

I do not bash Rand. You will not find a divisive, inflammatory, or belligerent comment from me anywhere on this site.

I argue all day long with very socialist economics professors and it is taxing and usually results in a headache so I avoid the bashing that goes on around here.

I am fierce campaigner. I am meek around here, I am bold in all caps in the real world. Whoever I choose to throw my support behind (in 2 or 3 yrs from now) will have my dedication and perseverance. I doubt that person will be Rand. That is why I wish the Rand supporters the best of luck and I will see them at the finish line.

Right now I see some of the Rand support as he "can win," and while I hate to be too offensive it just seems like they are taking the easy way out because he CAN win. I am not interested in who CAN win, Hillary CAN win... that does not mean I will be supporting her. Obama and Bush both proved they CAN win, yet I supported neither.

Good luck in your search for your candidate of choice.