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Let's dissect these links shall we...

When I was in college (molecular biologoy major)we were NEVER allowed to use google to site any type of "research." Might as well just go to Wikipedia.

WEBMD? Really? I work with Drs...we laugh when patients reference that sight. Find me a PubMed article will ya.

All those links are just articles..and biased ones at that. Show me some research...lab reports..even an abstracts would do. You do know what an abstract is right?

Not to mention all your reports are from 2008. In the eyes of science and research it is, archaic at best. Science and research have evolved greatly since then.

Has your periodontist done his research? And by that I mean, has he asked every marjuana smoker he has treated how they smoked? Did they use glass pieces? Did they vaporize? OR were they using tobacco products as a vessel..ya know dutchies, phillies...BLUNTS. Because that would acutally make sense.

Do us all a favor...quit walking under all those "artifical lights."