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Sorry, Common Core is a Far Better Curricum

than California's previous absurd curriculum. Thank god schools are finally moving away from teaching what to think, to teaching how to think. And Algebra is a total waste of time. It could be incorporated into other subjects briefly, but there is nothing more worthless than the current math curriculum. It has zero to do with real world requirements (other than more mindless upper division math classes).

Math is taught completely wrong. Refer to what actual mathematicians say about our dysfunctional math protocol The new common core standards are modeled after the concepts from the book "The Global Achievement Gap" which explains that today's students need to learn skills that allow them to be successful in the modern world (e.g. ability to ask really great questions to solve problems, ability to be creative and work independently on projects or with groups of people, ability to communicate effectively, etc.).

This is a major breakthrough that coincides nicely with the developing revolution in much of the institutionalized protocol that is based on tyranny of the dark ages. Our schools can do far better than the mind control garbage that kids have been subjected to for far too long.