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Comment: this just means it takes more than a desire to promote liberty

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this just means it takes more than a desire to promote liberty

to spur people into doing things, be it running for political office or whatever, there always has to be a degree of ambition for personal gain behind it, however minor it is. ron paul never denied having an ego over what he has been able to accomplish. likewise, it would be silly to deny most people doing the so called grassroots things don't have monetary incentives, as is the case with this owner. What was he thinking when he bought the domain name when ron paul carelessly let it expire? pretty sure quick profits went through his head, but he just got way ahead of himself this time. some say ron paul offered him 50k just for the domain name? and what's the reason he apparently registered and offered it to ron paul like ron paul should thank him for it? let ron paul build his fame under ron while he gets traffic and ad money with ron paul dot com under ron paul's picture and name? hilarious

this is like if michael started and it became the biggest ron paul grassroots central, somehow let it expire and somebody else took it over, but we all still hang around that site and the guy asks michael for 250k, when the traffic and the audience are of the original and only there because of michael's work in the first place. but no michael is for some reason defending this hobo.