Comment: like cars, boats, & planes; drones come in many sizes

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like cars, boats, & planes; drones come in many sizes

The footage is correct. Is stated in the story these were being considered for use in getting aerial shots of crime scenes. I'm strongly anti-drone for a number of reasons, but I don't forsee combat drones flying over American cities any time soon.

Police drones will likely eventually patrol over certain American roadways snapping photos and mailing out tickets - certainly an annoyance.

But a more serious and likely abuse than SWAT teams using drone on their no-knock raids, will be police forces getting smaller quieter drones that can keep exponentially growing the police state's oppression. Drones that video what we do in our yards or in our livingrooms. Parents having kids taken away because a police video shows them a child or taking sending them fines for video of them fixing something on their house that new regulations say only "licensed contractors" are allowed to do.

There may be a day that there are military drones patrol our cities, but the more likely and earlier step will be their cameras everywhere telling us what to do, how to act, where we can go and when it is allowed. No thanks, keep those drones out of police dept hands.