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just listened

he said 90% of the cost was from the human interaction with the plant.
the human interaction cost should be nowhere near that high. if it is then these warehouse grows will be put out of business by the grey market where the human interaction cost is less than half that. plus, they have no fee's for regulation and compliance which can run up to $30,000 just to start a dispensary. he must be talking about the whole process from seed to sale and paying butenders and receptionist $10-15 an hour, 8 hours a day to sit around doing nothing half of those hours (grey market wins again). i can't believe his numbers include start up cost, rent, marketing, legal and everything else people don't think about. if he was talking about an inferior outdoor weed grow then that may be a more realistic number. i know the marijuana labor unions are big in cali and will run up the cost but the unions don't get much love here in colorado.

the (somewhat) free market retail price per indoor oz in colorado is around $125 at the low end and $300 at the high end with $200-$250 being the average. that's a real life example not some bogus estimate.

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