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It was my periodontist who told me

I went to the periodontist.. the office reeks of pot, everywhere you go here it reeks of pot. My periodontist doesn't have a web page. I said to him, "Man you have a busy office". He told me.. marijuana brings them in younger and younger."

Periodontists have become a booming industry here. Go figure.

I simply searched periodotal marijuana.. no biggy.. 360K hits.. listed the first four.. You ahve a better souce, let's see.. but if you chose to IGNOR, do it at your own risk. Surely not mine.

Smoke to your hearts content, I sincerly don't care if you smoke, what you smoke,, that's your business. I'm only reporting what my periodontist told me why he has a booming business.

DNA test is becasue 11 bacterias are responsible for gum disease, and some folks have a heriditary gum disease, so the give a test, and if you have heritary gum disease, then there si nothing you can do to prevent or correct the problem. I have always taken exceptionall good care of my teeth. I have beautiful teeth. When my dentist told me to see a periodontist, I was shocked? Did my breath smell bad? WTF?? The denist said that the back four teeth had deep pockets, but the rest of the teeth were very healthy and that concerned him. So he sent me to a periodontist, who gave me a DNA test. I have heritary gum disease. So I had those those teeth removed, bone implanted and hopefully I got it early enough the bone will take and I'll get implants to replace the molars I had removed. People who are in their 30s and 40s are a new age group in the periodontists office and it's not heritary gum disease bringing them in, 8 a day to the office.

As far as me hushing: not going to happen.

Peace be with you.