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Yeah, you could use that stuff

and get a terrible yield. Natural fertilizer still works, just not as good is all I'm saying.

And how would I be taking away from another job when there are so many people unemployed here in WA? They would be getting off unemployment benefits (assuming they used it all up already), making more income and paying taxes. That's a win-win, I believe.

Now, let's advance the conversation: what if WA had 6% of ALL LAND dedicated to making hemp? How many processing, cultivating, administration, logistical, and sales jobs could we create without taking away from current employment? It's a whole new business venture and that's almost untapped here in the USA (let alone, WA).

The UK has a concrete mix made from hemp called Hempcrete.

I could go on and on about potential jobs/products made from hemp, but you already know them. We just need to believe it will work and it WILL.

Lima-1, out.

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