Comment: Holy Snowballs

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Holy Snowballs

This major news event about this blizzard is way overboard. It is like there has never been a blizzard before in these areas. C'mon, I lived in Minnesota for 10 years, and yes, we had blizzards and dealt with it as part of winter. All they are doing is causing panic among people who don't have any common sense anymore. If you live week to week and don't have any emergency supplies prepared for just such a storm, wise up and put some supplies aside in advance. Be prepared if you lose electricity or heat. If you don't have a fireplace, get an original Aladdin mantel Lamp and keep it in your emergency supplies along with a gallon of Genuine Aladdin Lamp Oil. You can use it indoors for light, and the heat it gives off will keep a room or several rooms warm and comfortable.