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Get bent

I have been deeply involved in politics, and I know what I am talking about. This is merely one piece of the puzzle.
See my posts on:
"He's a Constitutionalist" SWAT raid
Dirk Kempthorne declared (when he was governor) that the "private prisons are a growth industry" as he turned over our prison system. It is now constantly being sued for human rights violations.
Larry Craig. Everyone knows, yet he is still a "statesman" in the GOP.
I have a friend who got sucked into the local arm of the "Franklin Scandal" pedophile ring. Those people are still in power here.
As someone noted, Sun Valley. It is a haven for bloodsuckers, they have a "little California" in the heart of Idaho's mountains.
About 4 years ago, they were building SOMETHING in the desert south of Boise. Looked like barracks or prison cells, then the story came out about Chidaho. OK, could be housing for Chinese workers... I have not been able to get back to check it out again, but the governor's assurance that "nothing is going on" does not fly with me.
I left the GOP when they stood up and announced at a Central Committee meeting that the Tea Party had been successfully taken over.
Feel free to come live here for 20 years and get sit on the county and state central committees for a couple years, then we can compare notes. Until then, maybe you should listen to the "boots on the ground."

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