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As a chemical engineering grad and homeschool mom

I can tell you that the math and science (STEM) crap is overhyped. There are not enough technical jobs available as many of my unemployed compatriots can attest to. I know one guy who went through a few years ahead of me who is working in a warehouse in management, but probably doesn't use any of his tech training. When I graduated chem eng school, there were scant jobs.

Scientific American: Does the US Produce Too Many Scientists?

It doesn't matter how much math you shove down a kid's throat, they'll just ship these tech jobs overseas where its cheaper.

All this being said, my eighth grade daughter is taking algebra in our homeschool. I'm not sure if my other kids will be ready for it or not as kids learn at different rates. The point I'm trying to make is that there is a limit to how many math subjects are offered at high school and you are going to have trouble in college if you skip math entirely your senior year of high school if you start the high school maths too early.