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The Supreme Court & all justices on the Federal Bench for that

matter, and the executive department secretaries are all appointed. None are elected. This is true in some states as well.

There are two significant groups for you to try to ignore or dismiss.

(in some countries, secretaries are part of the legislature, in some states, judges and even supreme courts are elected. Each state is still a "republic" though.)

Enough with the personal attacks. I am not a "snot nose" and have not demonstrated such behavior. You can disagree with me, but that doesn't justify attacking me personally. I have not attacked you. Please cease and desist.

Elections do not make a democracy or add a "democratic" element to anything else. Electing representatives has nothing to do with democracy, and in case you didn't notice, "democratic" is that which has the character of a "democracy." You're trying to claim that the adjective form of the word is somehow distinct in meaning from the noun form. That is patently absurd. Any English teacher would beg to differ with you vehemently.

However, if you read the PDF I linked, you will readily see that not only does Madison explain the fallacy you are committing (and did earlier in your foreign ancient government references) but that a Republic, which elects its government as representatives, can make the mistake of behaving as if it were a democracy, thus operating in a democratic fashion, and that this is a very dangerous path.

Yes, we DO to a great extent operate as a "democracy" or maybe as you call it "a democratic republic." But that is NOT what we are on paper, and were never meant to be.

It should not be a form of government or a practice we should strive for or try to preserve as you opined in the original comment I replied to.

It is a vial and destructive form of government and one the Founders guarded against and warned us about.

A "democracy" or a republic that acts like one, is not under the rule of law, but under the rule of the majority. This means no rights for the minority, the smallest of which is the individual. In a democracy, only the will of the majority has any "rights." We are not that bad yet in all cases, but we are pretty darned close. And again, we weren't set up that way and we're not supposed to function that way.

We are to be a republic.

Finally, you bothered to accuse me of disagreeing with the Founders, when it is you, who they disagree with.