Comment: Pffft! I have no idea why

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Pffft! I have no idea why

Pffft! I have no idea why they are making such a big deal about this stuff. We are more than well equipped up here for snow. Blizzards in New England are NORMAL. Nothing to get all excited about. For some reason, the nanny states think they need to protect us in this one, which I find hysterically funny myself. If you were born and raised around here, like I was, then you are laughing at the overreaction of the Govts of the states declaring emergencies over this.

When I was younger, a blizzard meant it was time to head to the local bar so you could spend the time with friends. A little weaving on the road on the way home was ignored by the cops because they blamed it on the roads. It was the best times of the winter and no one locked themselves inside cowering because of a storm. smdh

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