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I see what you are saying, but..(in response to Samuel, above;)

The problem I can't get past in your scenario is that it leaves out what I believe to be the "elitist attitude overall" that the original poster is addressing. I also have been a "victim"- yuck I hate that word!- of said, "elitism". It did happen to me on a "Rand Paul thread" but that is only a coincidence in my opinion because unfortunately it's going to occur more on "devisive" threads in general. I can see why you would identify the two together as being only a form of tough "questioning", but What I (and I think the op?)feel is deserving of the "elitist" tag has nothing to do with asking hard, honest questions and getting hard, honest answers back. It is being "bullied" and getting the feeling you are not "being listened to" and being afraid of being pounced on for (OMG - the humanity!) having the balls to have a thought that you want to share that is divergent of the "group" and wanting to have an honest exchange of ideas to learn and grow from others in order to have the most information avaialble to make an informed decision and then, being slapped in the face for your efforts. That to me is what I think I am referring to as the "elitist" attitude. Upon further review though, they may just be dicks.
Peace light and love to all ;)!

"The Universe may not always play fair but at least it's got a sense of humor" ;) - Michael Patrick King