Comment: Jumping to conclusions

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Jumping to conclusions

According to that article, it sounds like this company will be providing 'weather modification services'. That does not imply they will be spraying 'chemtrails'. 'Weather modification' is the process of 'cloud seeding', in which airplanes fly over clouds and drop small particulates into the cloud with the expectation that the particulates (often silver iodide) will serve as 'cloud condensation nuclei', meaning that water vapor in the cloud will condense (and/or freeze) onto the particulates. The point may be to increase the amount of precipitation coming from the cloud or reducing the severity of hail storms, etc.

Here is more information about weather modification (cloud seeding):

Since the company in question is an aviation company, this function makes sense. I'm not sure why the linked article tries tying this in with HAARP which would be a completely different type of thing.