Comment: Ron asked politley if he

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Ron asked politley if he

Ron asked politley if he could have his own name to use as a URL for his future works. They said no.

How could anyone say no? What the hell are they thinking? Hasn't Ron Paul done enough to earn someone stepping aside so the man can use his own name to further the cause?

I can't say what the legal side of this is. Perhaps Ron Paul doesn't have any legal authority to have his own name... perhaps he does. In either case, he sure as hell deserves it, and it makes me a little angry that someone would refuse to change their URL in order to free it up for the good Dr. Esspecially someone whose gone to such great lengths to support Dr. Paul in the past.

What would you give up for the cause of liberty and to help Ron Paul carry the message? I know I personally would give up a URL when he asked for it.

I feel bad for Ron Paul. The man has given his entire life to fighting for our freedom. Now he has to sue just to be able to use his own name, and his forums are filled with hateful insults directed at his child. WTF is wrong with people?

I guess every great figure needs a Judas for future generations to remember. You people slandering his child, trying to drag him through the mud, even denying the man the URL in his name... how do you suppose future generations are going to remember you? Get off your high horses and show a little respect for the man who woke America up. Show a little respect for his child for HIS sake. If the man wants his name for a URL, for crying out loud, give him his name. What's wrong with you? its Ron Paul!