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Yes I would edit it if I were you. :)

I like bold words to as long as they're backed by bold actions, otherwise they're all talk.

I'm a Nap man myself. I want someone to carry on the same message as Dr.Paul.. the same message I have believed in for as long as I can remember.

It doesn't matter if they're "ahead" of us because it could turn out that they've jumped the gun. My plan however is simply to wait patiently and watch while I work on other things. I know that doesn't sound like a great plan but I won't be running for president so, what else can I do. I can't order flyers for Nap2016 can I? I suppose I could but I don't like wasting my time or spinning wheels. I want some sort of nod from him that he's thinking about it.

See the thing is.. I think Rand stepped out like he did already because he knew that Nap and his Dad probably wouldn't run against him or in his Dad's case, talked with him and said "You've had your 3 shots, now let me".. :)

I understand, the desire to get going, but I want my actions to count, so I spend my energy on certain groups. I am making a difference there I think.

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