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Sigh, when I use sarcasm around here people don't get me. When I am being serious people don't get me. I am misunderstood.

I come off as meek around here, I am pretty bold in the real world and I am beginning to wonder if people around here (not so much Proud American First just people in general) are just talking or if some of them are actually walking.

When I make Judge Nap 2016 flyers I'll send you some lol

I really don't plan on throwing my support behind anyone yet, I am just trying to point out to the Rand people that it is silly to commit to someone this early. Hell, he might even turn around and spend the next 4 years impressing me, but why commit right now?

For some reason I cannot edit the comment. Oh well, if he reads this he will know I was not trying being offensive.

I am going to go take over a jukebox somewhere and pretend none of this matters. As always, have a good evening.