Comment: I saw this too and lifted notes from the article:

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I saw this too and lifted notes from the article:

"....The healthy homes strategy sets five goals for reducing the number of substandard homes:
-- Establish healthy homes recommendations (homes should be dry, clean, pest-free, safe, contaminant-free, well-ventilated, and well-maintained and thermally controlled);
-- Encourage adoption of healthy homes recommendations (federal, state and local regulations);
-- Create and support training and workforce development to address health hazards in housing (train people for new jobs in green energy and construction);
-- Educate the public about healthy homes (advertising campaigns telling Americans how their homes ought to be)
-- Support research that advances healthy housing in a cost-effective manner (taxpayer-funded grants to study the problem)...."

...I simply cannot wait to see what 'qualifies' as "clean" and "well-maintained" eh?

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