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My thoughts

Well, as a web developer I've paid attention to domain squatting since it was first made an issue.

Property rights is what I'm most concerned with. My criteria for determining domain squatting is whether the holder is using the domain less for personal use than usage associated with the trademark holder.

By that criteria I'd have to agree with Ron Paul. It's clear that the owners of are not using the site for a purpose not associated with the trademark of "Ron Paul".

If they had put up content devoted to playing chess, for example, and their chess club was named "Ron Paul" alluding to something other than the famous politician, then that is not squatting, and property rights should hold.

I said in the other thread on this subject that a fan site is acceptable, but now I think that actually applies to using a variation of the trademark, for example, Using the exact same name as the trademark is a different situation. Ron Paul will probably win this, and I would agree with that ruling.