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Poor you.. need a hug? :)

My comment was a joke. I really was hoping you'd try to change it because you would have gotten 403'd since I had responded already. :)

"I come off as meek around here, I am pretty bold in the real world and I am beginning to wonder if people around here (not so much Proud American First just people in general) are just talking or if some of them are actually walking."

That's too bad.. I really dig meek women.

I get the feeling about that as well.. as a matter of fact, I've seen that kind of behavior my whole life from people which is why I prefer animals over people.. I can't stand human bullshit. Most are simpletons going about their lives complicating everything around them while I just look to simplify my life. That's part of what is great about Liberty to me.. it simplifies things.

"I really don't plan on throwing my support behind anyone yet, I am just trying to point out to the Rand people that it is silly to commit to someone this early. Hell, he might even turn around and spend the next 4 years impressing me, but why commit right now?"

Okay, well I didn't get that.. It's a good idea though, I agree.

"For some reason I cannot edit the comment. Oh well, if he reads this he will know I was not trying being offensive."

I did get you after all LOL Sucka! *wink*

Yep time for a little break for me too I think. At least a few hours of down time. Come rub my feetz?

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