Comment: To all chemtrail aware people

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To all chemtrail aware people


all chemtrail aware people. We are a volunteer group based in Vancouver. We are hosting an all day event on Sunday, Feb 17th 2013. Look Up Wake Up Stop Chemtrails.

For full details please visit our webpage -

We have rented out a cinema and a small conference room. We are showing two movies, "What in the World are they Spraying" and "Why in the World are they Spraying". We've got about 5 speakers lined up and we have information tables with flyers, photo albums and videos.

I contacted M. Murphy and he's sending us a 'welcome message' which I will play before we begin the first movie. I sent out Evites to all the Law Firms in town. Of course we listed the event in the local newspapers, etc,..

We have a guy who is hosting a similar event but smaller in Toronto on the same day.

We have a guy in North Carolina who is interested in hosting an event as well. Please contact me if you can help him. He's new to activism. I sent him a 'how to' and gave him some suggestions.

IN VANCOUVER, WE WILL BE HOSTING THIS TYPE OF EVENT ON A REGULAR BASIS - Probably every first Sunday of the month. PLEASE JOIN US. HOST AN EVENT IN YOUR CITY. Even if you show the movies in your living room it still helps.

WE WANT TO HIT CRITICAL MASS. If you know anyone interested in hosting chemtrail awareness events... send them my contact information!

Thanks so much. We have to stop chemtrails, before chemtrails stop us.