Comment: LAPD = A bunch of murderous Chickens!

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LAPD = A bunch of murderous Chickens!

I live in L. A. and just finished coming from taking a cruise around town to see how many cops were on the streets today. I went from near downtown L. A. into Glendale, and a little bit into the city of Pasadena. Guess what, I didn't see a single cop--not in a car, not on a motorcycle; and I've only seen just one helicopter in the air so far, when usually the sky is full of them all day, every day. Humm, are they really that afraid of just one well-trained guy who knows how to use his weapon? And, are they really so afraid that they had to fire on two unarmed ladies delivering their newspapers without first identifying them before pumping over 50 rounds of ammo at them? It proves that they believe that our lives mean nothing to them when they find themselves being targeted by one of their own Obama-, Biden-, Clinton-, Piers Morgan-loving anti-Second Amendment murderous brothers!

I am not on that guy's side, let me make that clear. But to see our alleged public servants not so visually apparent today posted at their usual places makes me all the more confident that our own well-trained vets are the guys I will count on if/when the sh!t hits the fan, which I hope it never does!

America can now see why we must never, ever give up on our Second Amendment Right to bear Arms, because when our so-called protectors out of fear for their own safety lose their collective minds--and they will in a civil war--they'll start shooting at us first without provocation! Woe to those of us who aren't armed or are not standing behind someone who can protect us, someone who does know how to tactically shoot back at them. Maybe this isn't the best example for the Second Amendment, but it is just my opinion.