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Its one thing to be criticle

Its one thing to be criticle and suspicious. Expressing concerns, doubts, sure. Afterall wasn't it Patrick Henry who said that the Jewel of Liberty should be guarded jealosly and all should be reguarded with suspicion who come near that precious stone? (Or something close).

Its another to level some of the wretched insults and accusations of tretchery on a forum his father reads which ive seen on here. If it was my kid, id be outraged. It shows a blatant lack of respect for Ron Paul that is inexcusable to attack his child in a disrespectful and malicious manner.

In the free market, we respond to incentives. How incentivised is Ron Paul going to be to a group of people who routinly insult his child in the most vitriolic ways, then try to charge him extortionate prices to make use of a domain with his name on it.

If I was him, by this point I would have told the Liberty momement to go @#$% themselves in honor of all the hostile elitest paranoid xenophobes out there, and started a happy retirment to live out the rest of my years.

When you ask if its not right these guys try to zing Dr. Paul $100k to use his own name, ask yourself if you'd charge Jesus $100k to use Because here on earth, it doesn't get much closer. The man deserves more for what he's done for us.