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I disagree

Much of their power comes from the fact that people overestimate what they can do.

Most election fraud happens at your district convention. They don't like having to resort to election fraud higher up, because there "are" vested interests on both sides. Not "everyone" is in on this. Infact, most are not. However with the power of the media, they don't need everyone to be involved. They just need useful idiots at the very bottom to fill to rig the precinct delegate caucuses in order to block "scary" Ron Paul and insure that Romney (the one who can win!) gets elected. These people aren't paid off.. they aren't evil.. they are just misinformed, scared, and unprincipaled. During this election, we forced them to cheat far more blatantly than they usually have to in order to win. That does not come without consequences for them.

The reason we know that the Ron Paul vote was what decided this election was by how many people caucused for Ron Paul and registered, but either did not vote, or voted for Johnson come the general election. The number was nearly 1/3 larger than the number of votes that Romney lost by in key swing states. Unless you think that the evil builderbergers somehow predicted what we would do, then you must logically deduce that we were a factor. Its not as though they cannot use Obama for a plan B, its just more dangerous for them.

I know its easy to theorize that the elites predict and set up every thing in the world which will happen, from elections to what you're going to have for breakfast, but they dont. They have limits and only so many people are in their pockets. Most are just useful idiots who have fallen for the Fox/MSNBC/CNN News propaganda.

If im suffering from Hubris, you're suffering from Nialism. We can win, and moping that its hopless and that the elites can do anything is not only self-defeating, but its also illogical.

Consider this... we believe in the free market over central planning for one very good reason. Because there is no person or persons on earth who are smart enough to make the trillions of micro-economic decisions that are made every day by the billions of people alive on this planet. Central planning fails because there are vastly too many variables for one group of oligarches to make.

Why on earth would you assume they can centrally plan and orcistrate an election when there are millions of people whom they do NOT control persuing their agendas which do not always line up with what the puppet masters would like? They cant. The best they can do is spread some of their henchment to gain positions of power in the parties to help guide the go-along-to-get-along rank and file, and to intervien when all else fails. Beyond this, they have to use propoganda to guide the useful idiots. But what happens when the "useful idiots" are replaced by Ron Paul PCOs who take the majority of power in groups, and then vote out their henchmen from many of their positions? They have two choices... either tuck tail and retreat even further toward their viper next as we expand, or else use blatant and obvious fraud to win, which blows up in their faces and wakes up many of the useful idiots to our cause.

I should also note.. I have personally overseen vote counts and election houses to watch for corruption. By and large, and other than the machines which more and more people view as poison, it is not as easy for them to rig these things as you might think. We can change things, and in this last election we did.

Hiding your head in the sand because you think that the banking empire is all seeing and all knowing is not only pointless and cowardly, its logically unneccesary. We can win (and will) by eroding away their power base and depriving them of useful idiots.