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Ok then, to be more accurate, you asked no question. You said I must either be kidding or visually impaired. This is a condescending statement, not a question.

BTW, you never did consider the point of my post, which is that weather modification generally means cloud seeding, which to my knowledge does not produce chemtrails. I see nothing in your original post to suggest that Evergreen Aviation is planning to do anything other than cloud seeding; instead, you deduce from the information something much more sensationalized--like the company is going to produce chemtrails which somehow are used to control the weather. And then, when someone offers a different interpretation of the data, you don't consider it but instead 'attack' insignificant components of the post.

Indeed, your mind seems so set on chemtrails and large-scale weather manipulation that you lack the capacity to consider other possibilities. Doesn't this mean you aren't interested in finding the truth?