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Comment: My message to Ben Swann....

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My message to Ben Swann....

Ben Swann recently asked FB followers what we'd like to see him cover on his Full Disclosure episodes. This was my submission:

"In my state (CO) and out west, they keep talking about the odd increase in size, frequency and speed of our wildfires. The Gov claims global warming is the main culprit. However, we have aircraft spraying patterned 'stuff' over us almost daily. Some call them chemtrails but I won't since I don't know what it is. Based on some research that it may be particles of metals like aluminum, and the fact that the heavy spraying is a relatively new addition into our atmosphere and eco-system, I believe THIS is a big factor leading to the new breed of fires we're seeing. It may even be a factor in the droughts we're experiencing and various medical issues. Whatever it is, we breath, eat and drink it all day here. I would appreciate any help starting an investigation into what it is, why they are doing it and how it is effecting us and our eco-system now and in the long term."

You can't NOT notice the spraying here. I'm a runner, see it almost daily, and it really bothers me that they are spraying 'something' on my town (and all over the world) and I'm not allowed to know what it is and what it is doing to my family, country and planet.

Thanks for the post!