Comment: Quinnnnnnnni Who? What?

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Quinnnnnnnni Who? What?

Never heard of it and don't give a damn what their stupid pooh, oh, I mean poll says. Anyway, doesn't matter, got to get a new paradigm or we are sunk. Voting doesn't matter. We are past the point of trying to vote our way back into a republic. The creeps in charge are not going to allow change by popular demand. Never have, never will. PARADIGM SHIFT! THAT is what MUST happen. Ron Paul even said so! Please watch this informative video I found in one of fishyculture's earlier posts. It explains about why people get stuck in a mindset as well as other stuff. We have to change MINDSETS or there will be no change for the better! (Deprogramming) Otherwise, 2+2 DOES equal 5!