Comment: Victiory...of Good over Evil

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Victiory...of Good over Evil


In this transient existence we call "Today" the balance of power is wanning. Witch way shall it Tip? Good or Evil. Much unlike the 2008 election, when the events we helped conjure to plant the seeds of tomorrow took place, constantly waiting at the edge of our seats hoping for the next break through in fund-raising and big time media coverage (or chagrining the lack there) of the Steadfast and determined Dr. Ron Paul, the actions of "today" are so constant and pervasive none can truly state the future of our struggle. Those seeds of being at the right place in the right time (and right state of Mind) to show others, oblivious to the carnage of liberty, a beam of light. If ever so slightly, that seed is on the verge sprouting in millions of people. Whether you wish to recognize or not, which is at your emotional folly, there is a lag time in the communication of our collective spirit to their (the masses) understanding and generating a reaction. Note that portions of the communication has been distorted and severely so. But that is about to change. The Internet is entering a new stage of growth, in-spit of Fascist (Government and corporate alike) intrusions. Created 43 years, 101 days, 22 hours and 45 minutes ago (as of the time of this post), this labyrinth "of vast proportions" has too much potential to fathom and the minds that wonder it will learn much. Our Voice must be strong and far reaching for the communication of spirit and rectitude to come to a superior fruition. The convergence of Liberty and Harmony.

~Good Night, And Good Luck~