Comment: You Needed Algebra for Your Degree

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You Needed Algebra for Your Degree

You said it right there. It is a hoop/hurdle that satisfies the degree requirement. Of no use otherwise. It also eliminates a large percentage of students that can't relate to such absurd number/letter drills. Algebra does more damage than good as many highly talented and intelligent individuals lose out on higher education because of the algebra hurdle. It's called "The Wall" by administrators at my college because more students drop out due to the algebra requirement.

I'm glad you enjoyed it, but your ability to be a free thinker was not enhanced at all by the math. And I disagree that algebra is the language of science and research. Conveying ideas with unlimited imagination is how we progress in science and research. All scientists and mathematicians use machines to do the computations. So, subjecting all young students to the abuse of endless math drills serves no purpose whatsoever other than to steal time from more valuable learning, or to discourage students from enjoying their learning, or continue learning throughout life.

NCLB has squeezed the life and vitality out of our schools, and the obsessive attention to math and grammar is at the heart of our schools' failure. We can do so much better. Study number letter games on your own time if you love it so much. Do you?