Comment: The present owners _CAN_ have it both ways.

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The present owners _CAN_ have it both ways.

If there is no contract that says otherwise, the present owners can say anything they like or appear anyway they like.

The owners may now want truckloads of money for something they KNOW is valuable, but I don't believe that that makes them enemies, I think it makes them business savvy.

The way I see it, we and Ron Paul should just look on the bright side: we should be happy Eric Dondero doesn't own it; the present owners didn't actually act like enemies, but they maintained a strong pro Ron Paul website, and they helped Ron Paul raise millions.

Really, Ron Paul should appreciate the bright side, greatly, because a similar thing happened to Dennis Kucinich, and Kucinich wasn't so lucky: the owner of hated Kucinich and mocked Kucinich for every little thing he did. (In fact, I just check a second ago, and it is still a site that mocks Kucinich; It's much more mild than it was before, much less comical and more pathetic content-wise, but it's still anti-Kucinich.)