Comment: He's resting now.

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He's resting now.

I don't think he's whacked out. Several psychologists have said he is thinking clearly but is depressed.
He may not have written the part about politics and guns. Didn't seem to fit his writting style and went overboard. Who knows, could have been added. I don't trust anything I read anymore.
He's qualified to carry this out to fulfill his goals. They would never find him. If cool headed and patient, could just pop one of the "racist" or "bad guys who beat up old ladies" or "cop thugs who beat up possibly innocent people when handcuffed on the ground" types every once in a while to keep them on their toes, make them sweat. Come to think of it, didn't he allude to doing just that? Normally, the names on his list would be checked to see if what he said was true but nothing is normal anymore. Thought crossed my mind, bet Obama and Bush are friggin' elated and relieved he LIKES them!
Didn't think it possible to clean up the notoriously corrupt LAPD but...... he's definitely going to take a 'shot' at it.

If you live in California:
And drive a dark car, trade your car in for a red one
Are a large white male, expose skin, stay away from BBQ chicken fast food places.
If a large man of color, talcum powder face, act clumbsy, awkward & always carry a jar of Mayonaise.