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Where do I begin to look them up?

For those times when rape/incest is non-consentual, and it continues for years, and the victims words fall of deaf ears, and society let's them down, and sex is never enjoyable, but always a constant reminder of the mental and physical abuse that began as a child, I'm very curious what studies you have.

I am a victim. I have never been married. I never will never because of my experience and I only found relief when my father died.

He lied about it for decades and no one believed me, until he finally admitted it, and it "killed" my Mother, who died less than a month after he confessed.

I have been to many groups, years of therapy, and I'm really curious what studies you have that provide options and support, because in all my decades, I never found any that actually did anything but placate at best. I don't need a pity party. What I needed was TRUTH and justice!

He also abused my sister, and she went to work in brothels. I went there once, thought I would rescue her, and I was able to talk to many women there. I didn't meet one who was into sex. They all wanted to be LOVED, but conditions in life, and I'm sure many were like my sister and me, left them turning TRICKS for money.. the better the TRICK the better the money.

So please.. help me out there with those studies.