Comment: Yes, it is all over the news here.

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Yes, it is all over the news here.

Neighbors were interviewed on camera. They heard the shots and came out to see that two women had been shot. Something like 50 rounds were fired. The cops not only shot the truck the woman were in but rounds hit cars parked on the street and in driveways. The news broadcast showed one woman being put on a strecher belly down because she was shot in the back. The other woman was able to walk to the ambulance with assistance of the paramedic. I could see the newspapers on the street. Then cops responding to this incident of "shots fired" opened fire on a man in a truck two blocks away going to work. There were several bullet holes through the front window of his truck. Some how he was not hit. This happened around 5:30am in Riverside not Los Angles where the police were "protecting" someone who is on Dorner's hit list. They have no plans to take Dorner alive as he knows to much.