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You keep referring to

You keep referring to "corporations" as if there was only one kind and as if they were all in bed with lawmakers, banks and mysterious corrupt financiers. That is beyond naive. There are various forms of corporations and there are many reasons for forming such incorporated businesses. Most business in the US is carried out by small businesses. If your beef is specifically with those businesses that are politically connected enough to have laws rewritten to benefit them at the expense of the public, I guarantee those specific "corporations" (many of which we could probably name because there are so few of them) are not ALL corporations. Because they represent a special interest minority that is well connected, THEY should be the object of ire as they contribute to the corporatist mess our system has become. The connections form alliances, which enshrine conflict of interest and corruption, which feeds a system that creates laws to benefit the connected.

Don't paint all companies and corporations with the same broad brush. It's juvenile and ignorant.