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Comment: Taking the grant would be immoral.

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Taking the grant would be immoral.

Perhaps your insurance company is dragging its feet in hopes you will take the grant and leave them alone. Read your policy, hold them to it.

I read a lot of DP threads... I haven't seen you request help on this forum yet; you have work to do before you take people's stolen funds for your benefit.

I personally can't afford to give you money, but my wife and I will give you free labor (we're handy)if you can accomodate our dogs and us and you are not too far from Philadelphia (too far is relative, let me know where you are.)

I'm serious, I appreciate your dilemma and the ease at which one could ignore his principles out of convenience (as some here are trying to convince you to do.)

I think one who would put himself out there for critism is worth helping. Those who encourage you to take the grant, are not. Do this without the grant, it is doable.