Comment: My Repsonse to the NEOCON thread :-)

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My Repsonse to the NEOCON thread :-)

Ron Paul faught for decades even when nobody listened. I do not know if he planned or believed that he would have affected so many people this late in his years, but the fact is, he did. WE woke up. To Liberty, the Constitution, Foreign Policy, Conservative Principles, and the list goes goes on.

When I fight for something, rest assured that it is because I gave it a tremendous amount of thought, and for all of the right reasons. I understand that we each have a path to follow and view the world in different ways. But I do believe that we agree on one thing; it is a duopoly that swings back and forth with no end in sight. In order to break that swing, we must continue the momentum that this Ron Paul r3VOLution has started. If we do not, then it will be a dying and forgotten fad, and will be decades at the very minimum before a force as strong as us has another chance.

I have said before that president is merely a figure head, even if Ron Paul were at the helm. We must first work toward Liberty within ourselves, and then on to local and state. It is the power of us that supercedes any elected official. It is only then that we can fend off federal legislation effectively, and efficiently. Even had Ron been president, we still have legislators who are on the take, and the masses who couldn't care less.

romney did not hold the same principles that Ron Paul or we espoused. He was republican. The gop/rnc supported him. He had the dollars. He probably would have even won if all of us got behind him. But we refused to let that happen, and for damned good reason. Had we not, we would have potentially sent the signal that all was right with this Republic and it may have gone on for another 8 years. Had that happened, America would be even further entrenched which would have handed it back to the democrats for another who knows how long.

Enter Rand. He is a good man. But the problem with Rand is, he is NOT educating the American people about the very things that are wrong with this nation. How do we continue Ron Paul's, no, OUR legacy, that meddling into foreign affairs is fundamentally wrong? How do we bridge the gap with other nations to open up trade routes, or have wings and beer with their leaders, explaining why Liberty will create prosperity among their nations? How do we *enforce* our natural-born God-given Bill of Rights when Rand and others push feinstein-lee which was worse than the original? How do the American people learn the truth?

So, if the cards are in his favor, Rand has a slight chance in hell to beat hillary in 2016. Will the American people have learned anything? Or will they become just as frustrated and elect yet another democrat come 2020. And then that sets us back another how many more years.

Justin Amash is on the horizon. It's in my sig. Do I believe that he could win IF he should run? Stranger things have happened, so I can not and will not answer that question. But my goal is this: if we give Justin the attention that he deserves, more people may wake up to the fact that we are still in this fight to win - not just for presidency, but FOR LIBERTY. He will tell the truth to the American people. He will gain tremendous support of the youth. He will gain support of the true Conservatives outside of this movement. Others will see Justin as somebody who matters, and hopefully use him as the standard to hold their own Congresspeople, Senators and Reps. Is Justin the only person who I would support for president? Absolutely not. If there is another Liberty candidate who espouses our message, such as JUDGE ANDREW NAP, potentially Massie, and/or others, I will gladly support him/her 1000%.

I have told you before that my father and I love each other very much. He does the fatherly thing and brags about me whenever he can. We fix and repair things, hang out, and have a lot of fun together. But we DO NOT see eye to eye on politics. Yes, he raised me and my siblings (who are also Liberty), but that is where it ends. After harsh bickering back and forth, and then calling it quits, we make up and break bread together. There is no question in my mind that Ron, Rand, and their entire family love each other very much. But politically, they are NOT the same. Is it any of our business? Though I pray only good things for ALL of the Paul family, it is none of my business, nor is it a consideration for who I will suport.

So, where do I go from here? I will continue to educate others who have not been paying attention, or misled by msm. I will work locally and branch out as I have been doing. Whoever the president is should not matter, if there is enough Liberty at the local and state. But when somebody points a finger at me telling me what Rand has done concerning foreign policy, NDAA, and other things where I am not in agreement, I will simply tell them the truth, and explain that I do not agree with whatever position(s) he may take. Do we win in 2016? My goal is yes; through local and state, nullification is the rightful remedy, along with telling the TRUTH. Winning for the sake of winning serves no purpose, unless it is for the right reason. I will NEVER compromise or sacrifice my principles, or nothing will have been learned.

Wow, I think I just broke Grangers record, lol :-)

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