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Jumping back in

I looked at the link by Griffin (I have a copy of his Jackal Island book and it is worth reading) on the definition of words.

I have a bone to pick.

His definition of capitalism is the definition that is voluntary.

But his definition of socialism is the definition of the lie, not socialism.


Case in point.

I stopped the video on these words:

Ownership means the right to control something.

I put may hand up, I'm calling foul, or at least misunderstanding, and a failure on the part of anyone to actually listen to a voluntary socialists like, say, Stephen Pearl Andrews.

Take that sentence apart:

Ownership means the right to control something.

No, foul, that is false. The introduction of the term "right" is superfluous, so why add that word.

Either a person controls something or not, and that can be actually measured in fact.

A voluntary socialists might ask, as a challenge to that sentence, that claim, the following question.

Who owns the air we breath?

That is where I a going to stop this offering back to you, so as to keep things shorter, if not sweeter.